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STS problem

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I have a problem with STS, i have this code i header in index.php.html:

<script language='javascript' type='text/javascript'>


function showDiv(pass) {

var divs = document.getElementsByTagName('div');


if(divs.id.match(pass)){//if they are 'see' divs

if (document.getElementById) // DOM3 = IE5, NS6

divs.style.visibility="visible";// show/hide


if (document.layers) // Netscape 4

document.layers[divs].display = 'visible';

else // IE 4

document.all.divs.visibility = 'visible';

} else {

if (document.getElementById)



if (document.layers) // Netscape 4

document.divs.visibility = 'hidden';

else // IE 4

document.all.divs.visibility = 'hidden';







then this under the body tag:







<div id="F512" >


<a href="javascript:showDiv('F256')"><img src="info.png" border="0"></a>



<div id="F256" style="position: absolute; left:250px; top:0px; visibility: hidden">

" here is the ordinary code for the page "




and my problem is that in the case i click the image the "normal" page shows ( that´s the point ) but every sts tag ex. $categorybox$ don´t show at all it´s blank in the space there it should be a category menu


Any idea how to make this work?


Regards Tony

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