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My moneybookers account has been approved & activated but when I click on the "Secret Word Test" I get this:


The secret word configuration has failed!


Ive checked it on both sides in Admin & on the moneybookers website in my merchant tools

have also checked the SQL database & my ID & secret word is correct.


Does anyone know why I get the failed message when I'm putting in the correct details?


Im using OSC 2.3

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I'm also facing similar issue. However, I don't even know where my secret word is on moneybookers account. When I emailed them, they replied that I can set up my secret word as less than 10 characters, lower case with no special character. I then put in six characters in OS payment module, but the test shows failed. I'm at my wit's end!




Below is the response I received from Moneybookers:


Thank you for contacting Moneybookers Merchant Service.


Following up on your enquiry, please be advised that your secret word needs to be:


• Less than 10 characters long;

• Only lower case; and

• No special characters.


In addition, please note: once you set up and/or change your secret word, the system will not show that it is being changed. It will only display 6 dots on – screen due to security reasons. In really, however, the change will apply and you would have changed/set up your secret word.


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I was able to set up the secret keyword in moneybookers merchant tools. But now the secret word test fails even when the I'm putting in the correct secret word!

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