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Virtual directories for multiple languages?

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I have a multilingual site and my default language is set to French. This means that all URLs are appearing as French (showing French meta tags) unless they have the ?language= variable added to the end of the URL. (shows French meta tags) (show English meta tags)


These 2 URLS point to the same page and in fact this is duplicate content, however the search engines see these as 2 different pages. The first one is wrong, and I want to remove it.


My question is this:


Is there a contribution for making URLs like this?


I want directories for each language:




and each directory will tell the search engines the language of the page.


I have seen other web sites with this URL structure, but I don't know how they are doing it and I haven't been able to find a contribution.


Any ideas?





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That would be something I'd use...

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