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Discount Coupons for Version 2.3.1

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I add Discount Code for osCommerce 2.3.1 in my store and now I need help with tax. This add-on counts discount form taxless price but total tax of purhase is still from original price:


Now it counts:

Product price with tax: 25.00 €

(tax 13%, price without tax 22,12 €)

Dicount 10%: 2.21 € (from taxless price)

Total tax 13%: 2.88 € (from full price product)



It should be:

Product price with tax: 25,00 €

Discount 10% = 2,50 €

(New price with tax = 22,50 €)

Total tax 13% (from new price) = 2,59 €


Can anybody help me with this? It might that I have to change code to ot_tax.php but I don't know what I have to write.


I have exactly the same problem.. Any fixes yet?

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