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It's true, we have version 2.3 now, thanks to the efforts of the official development team. And the efforts of many unofficial community members. Thats absolutely great, a huge step forwards.


Version 2.3 is the latest stable version of osCommerce, the version everyone should use for a production store.


Should the download page not reflect this? I think yes. I believe that it should be made absolutely clear what the latest version is and what people should use. And thats v2.3.


Going to the download page, I see that there is also and still version 3 available, and thats also good. But version 3 is not really ready for production use.


Is this clear on the download page? I think not. Since 3 is a higher number than 2.3 and the download link for v3 is posted after the link for 2.3, it makes still the impression that version 3 is the latest version. It says ofcourse "alpha", but how many people put attention on this? Not many I think.


So, my suggestion is:


- Mark version 2.3 as the latest stable version, and make a huge download button for it.

- Make a download section for "other versions" and in this section include version 3 and also the past version RC2a, each one marked properly what it is. Version 3 like "under development" and version rc2a like a "past version" or something. There are also many people I think that sill need some of the "old" files, to replace something, or to compare etc


Just some thoughts

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