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Payment Redirection

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Hi all


I have a site that is taking payments through WorldPay.


It takes the payment (test environment) and generated the emails.

It even gives the screen on RBS that says:


Thank you, your payment was successful
Merchant's Reference: 29
RBS WorldPay Transaction ID: 114479174


However, it doesn't redirect back to the store site.


I've had my Payment Response URL set to http://greatwinesdirect.co.uk/ext/modules/payment/worldpay/junior_callback.php

I've had it set to http://<WPDISPLAY ITEM=MC_callback>


Nothing is working.


The instructions in the addon thread say:


Payment Response URL http://<WPDISPLAY ITEM=MC_callback>

Payment Response enabled? tick

Enable Recurring Payment Response tick

Enable the Shopper Response tick

Payment Response failure email address yes your email here

Attach HTTP(s) Payment Message to the failure email? tick

Payment Response password yes

MD5 secret for transactions yes


These are all done - and it's still not redirecting.


Any advice?





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