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Shipping weight cost

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Hi i am using table rate for shipping going on a weight basis i have entered the rates below in the shipping module as per the instructions, 12 being weight 1.10 being postal cost




So weight of 12 will cost 1.10 for a packet of seeds, but i am having to enter a completely different weight when i add a new product for example for a packet of seeds i have to enter weight of 2 to get a postal cost of 1.10 and not 12 as i have entered in the shipping rates module


have i to many weights entered, Has any one got any ideas of the problem


Thanks for any answers in advance


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Did you manage to find a work around for your problem? I'm using the Table Rate method for shipping and even though I've set up the module to charge $10.00 for anything at 1 lb. it insists on charging the cost I've entered for 2 lbs.

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