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looking for a out of stock addon. found this http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4884.


this addon will show out of stock and remove add to cart button for those items out of stock.


but let's say -- i have 10 items, the product is in stock, but the customer orders 20.

how should i handle that.


sure i could install it and see if this addon will work, if it does not try to modify it, and if it did not work uninstall it,

but i am trying to save sometime and ask for some help so--


if anyone has experience with this module or knows of one that will do what i need or can offer some advice for me so that i can

accomplish my goal, i would appreciate it.





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hello frances,


i think this is what i want, but i am confused -- how does it react when there is multiple items

selected by the customer.


item 1--instock

item 2 --in stock

item 3 -- out of stock

item 4 -- customer ordered more stock than available.


the in stock(s) can be ordered-

the out of stock can not be added to checkout

the exceeded stock-- i am not sure how to handle this????





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