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(Contribution) Options Types V2 Database Error

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I am running a fresh install of Options Types V2 on a clean version of osCommerce 2.2rc2a.1.


The contribution works great until I add the File Upload Option. When running the cart I get this at the top of the product page:




1146 - Table 'mydatabase.TABLE_FILES_UPLOADED' doesn't exist


select files_uploaded_name from TABLE_FILES_UPLOADED where sesskey = 'ad19a110323aa858cfe28c38412521d3' or customers_id = '0'




Has anyone seen this before? I can see the table in the DB.


Any info would be great.

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UPPER_CASE_ERRORS usually mean something isn't defined in a PHP file somewhere.


My guess is you skipped this part of the install directions:



Open /catalog/includes/database_tables.php



*** BEFORE THE END ?> ADD ***:



define('TABLE_FILES_UPLOADED', 'files_uploaded'); //BOF - Zappo - Option Types v2 - ONE LINE - File Uploading

define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_TYPES', 'products_options_types'); //BOF - Zappo - Option Types v2 - ONE LINE - Option Types




If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


"Given enough impetus a parallelogramatically shaped projectile can egress a circular orifice."

- Me -


"Headers already sent" - The definitive help


"Cannot redeclare ..." - How to find/fix it


SSL Implementation Help


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Have you created the products_options_types and files_uploaded tables in your mysql database?

Please read this line: Do you want to find all the answers to your questions? click here. As for contribution database it's located here!

8 people out of 10 don't bother to read installation manuals. I can recommend: if you can't read the installation manual, don't bother to install any contribution yourself.

Before installing contribution or editing/updating/deleting any files, do the full backup, it will save to you & everyone here on the forum time to fix your issues.

Any issues with oscommerce, I am here to help you.

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