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Testing output

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Hi, I'm self taught on the whole OSC idea, and I can edit and change site, install add-ons (usually), design etc all fairly well. However, how do you go about testing a site? I've installed a NOCHEX payment module and now need to test the output that it's sending to NOCHEX/the next page as it keeps freezing (comes up with blank page, URL says still /checkout_nochex.php, this is after Order Confirmation page, so should be loading through to NOCHEX site for payment.)

Do I need some software to create or view the output? All I can check is the page that loads, which if I view the source, shows only a blank page.



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Look for any error pages provided by your host. ALL error are shown in detail is som log file somewhere. Ask your host.


You can also set php to display errors in the browser, just for testing purposes. Do a Google search for the command line to put in the .htaccess file.

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