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STS Help please

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i have installed the oscommerce shop 2.2 today and all is ok on that side. i have tried to install the sts template system which i seem to have done as i can now see this in the modules section but i am unable to install this as it is giving an error of /htdocs/catalog/includes/modules/sts/ and not showing me this.



3. Configuration

After installation, STS is disabled. You can enable STS as well as optional features from the admin side, like you do with payment or shipping modules.




STS is delivered with 4 modules (see the picture above). The logic to detect which template must be used for which page is made inside these modules.


- Default module: must be installed and enabled in order to use STS. Read more here.

- Index module takes care of templates for the index.php page, when you have different templates for different categories or manufacturers. Read more here.

- Product Info module takes care of templates for the product_info.php page. Read more here.

- Popup Image module takes care of template for the popup_image.php page. Read more here.

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