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Cart Works, no payment in Authorize.net

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I'm testing AIM and everything seems to work correctly (I land on the success page, get confirmation emails) but no payment shows in the Authorize.net account. I do NOT have the SSL installed yet... is that the problem?


This is my setup:


Version: 1.0 (online status)

AIM: enabled (true)

Login ID: entered

Transaction Key: entered

MD5 Hash: empty (is this required?)

Transaction Server: Test

Transaction Mode: Test

Transaction Method: Authorization

Payment Zone: zone with tax rate

Set Order Status: default

Sort order of display: 0

cURL Program location: /usr/bin/curl


Anyone have this problem? Or am I missing something obvious? Thanks...

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Update: I should have read closer. When in test mode, no transactions will be booked, so wouldn't show up. So, after setup and turning off "test" mode, run a live test and it should work.

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