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Installed fine but no SEO URLs to be seen?

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Hi - I am running CRE Loaded v6.2 B2B. I had Chemo's Ultimate SEO URLS 2.2 running on it fine - but I wanted to upgrade to USU5. I followed the upgrade and installation instructions carefully and went to view my work...


The site loads fine - but there are no SEO URLs to be seen anywhere..?? I just get the default osCommerce/CRE ones...?? Here's an example:




Any ideas??


Another weird thing is the old 2.2 SEO URLs still work: http://www.sweetpaperlane.com/halloween-c-8_50_166.html


But the URL above can also be accessed just as easily here: http://www.sweetpaperlane.com/index.php?cPath=8_50_166


I don't really know where to start. Hoping Robert or someone else can ride to the rescue!


thanks very much



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