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Per item shipping up to a maximum

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I want to set up a shipping cost per item of £1 up to a maximum for £4.


I can't seem to find a contribution specifically for this so I've tried to set up table pricing as follows.


1 item = £1

2 items = £1.75

3 items = £2.50

4 items = £3.25

5 items+ = £4


Table pricing looks like...


Enable Table Method



Shipping Table



Table Method



Handling Fee



Tax Class



Shipping Zone



Sort Order



Items are set with a token weight of 1, Tare is set to 0


However, when 1 item is in the basket it shows a cost of £1.75, 2 items shows as £2.50 and 5 items shows as £0.00


There's probably a very simple mistake I'm making but I just can't see it!

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Found a solution which works, although it is untidy


Shipping Table



Max Package weight in Config set to 10


It works up to the purchase of 9 items, which hopefully is enough!


Would still like to know if there is a proper solution

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