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Paypal Payment Link in Email

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I have installed these add-ons: Maual Order Maker and Order Editor. These 2 work great.

But when I make a new order or when I change an existing order, an email (with the new order details) is send to the customer.

When the customer wants to pay with his credit card (or with paypal), than there should be a link to the payment method in this email.

So that when he opens the mail, he can click on the paypal-link to compleet his new order and we receive the payment.

Is this possible?




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No, the customer must return to and log into the website to complete the purchase which they can choose PayPal if it is an option. If they had a direct link to PayPal in the email and paid directly on the PayPal site, the order you created for them would be abandoned on the website and have no tracking.




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