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USPS Domestic Methods problem

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I have had a problem for months now and just cannot figure out how to fix it.


My USPS module for Us shipments will display only flat rate envelope when the shipping over 13 oz. I believe something is wrong in the USPS Shipping Modules of admin.


When I go the Shipping Modules page in admin it shows the install button when it is already configured. If I click the install button it wipes out the current parameters for shipping password, service, insurance, etc.


I don't even have a check box in USPS module or a methhod in usps.php for "flat rate envelope".


This is the opetion in admin for shipping


Domestic Shipping Methods

Select the domestic services to be offered:











Please help as US buyers are buying 8-15 lbs worth of product and only paying $6.90 for flat rate envelope because that is the only method that shows up atfer you get over 13 oz. HELP we are losing big money because it cost much more to ship that weight



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I would suspect that your database for the MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_XXXX keys are duplicated. I would first uninstall the USPS module, then reinstall. If that yields the same results then do a database search:


select configuration_id, configuration_title, configuration_key from configuration where configuration_key like "MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_%"


Analyze the results and see if you have any duplicate keys.


I might still delete all the USPS configuration keys and then reinstall the module. If the results are still the same then I would be looking into downloading the most recent USPS code and reinstalling the php code.

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