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Hi, I've recently installed the NOCHEX API payment modules on one of my OSC stores, but for some reason, there's an error in the admin when I try to install it.


I have had Nochex working with one of my other websites and having duplicated the site over to this one, I know it should work. However, because I'm using a different site with the same NOXHEX account, I have set up a new payment page. For this, NOCHEX requires a different download in order to cope with using a MerchantID (can only have one email per NOCHEX account).


I've followed the install, to the point of "installing" via the admin section of OSC, but cannot get any further. The admin page stops loading at the point of printing the text for the API module.




Whereas usually you get the options on the right to install etc, here, there's nothing. Can anyone give me some pointers as to where to start looking please. I'm guessing something isn't correct with the language file link for starters as


[** define('MODULE_PAYMENT_NOCHEXAPC_TEXT_TITLE', 'Secure (SSL) Payment via Nochex'); **]


the text line should be 'Secure (SSL) Payment via Nochex' and not 'MODULE_PAYMENT_NOCHEX_APC_TEXT_TITLE'


I don't have a backup prior to installing the initial NOCHEX (email only) module, which I feel may have something to do with it.


Any help appreciated.






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If I remove (change extension to phpx instead of php) the file nochex_apc_handler.php then the whole admin page shows, but the payment option won't show to the end user as an option.????


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