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Google Checkout Accounts

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General Question regarding Google Checkout... I've installed it and it's working great in the sandbox. This is a more general question regarding website flow and account creation for those of you who have gone live with google checkout. The google checkout process is completely separate from the standardized OSC checkout process. It seems to me that many people have their public email addresses which may or may not be the address they have registered with google checkout (like every person who I've asked to test the system thusfar). If someone were to create an account on the website, then use google checkout with a different email address, google checkout will then create a second account on the website and send an automated email to the customer giving them a temp passwd and asking them to log in with the google-registered address and update their password.


If the customer logs in with their original account, none of their past order information will be there.


This seems a bit messy and confusing to the end user, which affects the professionalism of the site and could affect coversion rates. For those of you who have gone live with google checkout, are you having any issues with multiple accounts for the same user?





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