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Wizardtech online store

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Greetings all,


Let me just say that my store is certainly a work in progress. I've put a lot of work into it already, but I've got a lot more to go. I'm posting this to form sort of a checklist of things I need to do, change, etc.. that you all can hopefully help me with.


The store is here http://www.wiztechonline.com/store


I've incorporated quite a few mods from the community that I am grateful for. Thank you!


Some of the other stores I've seen in this thread are very impressive. I almost decided not to post mine because it isn't quite as complex as some I've seen, but it could always get that way if I keep working on it! :)


thanks for your time!

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Read the forum rules before posting.


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It's very easy to over complicate what are simple things in life

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Read the forum rules before posting.


I did. What am I doing wrong? I have the powered by oscommerce thing on there.

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Here are some of the things I found on your website:



- Your shopping cart is messed up. It shows 0 0 items and when you add an item to the cart is shows 1 0 items

- Clicking on the Banners opens a new Tab or Window, this is going to cause OSCID errors upon checkout.

- The Woopra tab on the bottom blocks content and only leads customers AWAY from your site to a selling page for the Woopra service. (DUMP IT, use a transparent tracking service)

- Some of the links do not have buttons, reviews, continue shopping and continue links are dwarfed by the large red buttons that are showing the image. If you are going to have large red buttons, then all links should have the same buttons.

- Since you only accept US Funds, there really is no need for a currency drop down box.

- You can more than likely remove the British Flag from your site as well. It looks lonely up in the top right corner.

- There are NO conditions of use, shipping information and MOST IMPORTANTLY there is no Privacy Policy. Did you know that most states/provinces require a privacy policy ??










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Thanks very much for the feedback, Chris. I've completed quite a bit of what you've suggested so far.


Since my first post:

  • Security: SQL Injection protection (securitypro)
  • Security: Secured admin area with a password, and renamed folder
  • Security: Removed file_manager.php and define_language.php from admin folder
  • Visual: New layout and graphics
  • Functional: Shopping cart double digit issue fixed
  • Functional: Banners do not open new windows
  • Functional: Woopra removed (I still use it for tracking. It's really good, but the chat thing is kinda lame)
  • Functional: Currency options removed (USD only)
  • Functional: Languages removed (English only)
  • Performance: Removed mods that I tried but didn't end up using
  • Performance: SEO URL cache set to 1 day. (default is 7 days and it was really making the site slow.)

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What about this one: http://www.dashopping.com/ You can sort the items with parameters such as Best Selling, price from high to low and the newest arrivals. If you are looking to purchase some items quickly or if you are looking for the best gift this is the best place. You can select from many thousands of products in a multitude of categories and at the same time also get some of the best offers and deals. Choose the best items for buying by reading reviews, ratings and browsing through similar items to make the best purchasing decision.


Find the product you want and buy it! Good luck!

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