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External links are redirected sensationworld.ru

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Only my links which come from outside my website i.e. google into the shop are redirected to sensationworld.ru, if ii copy and paste the same link it works fine, if i go in through my website internal links everythings fine, its just external links coming in (I think).


What files should ibe looking into to locate the script? and any ideas what the script could look like? as ive seen one similar posting however no details were given. Once fixed i plan to go over the whole security settings again.



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I've just had the same thing happen to me with one of my sites. Ba***rds!!


In my instance, they'd managed to create .htaccess and add a ModRewrite to their site. From what I could see, any referral links from Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc would be rewritten and redirected to some .ru site (not the same as yours - but similar).


My solution? Wiped the contents of .htaccess and marked it as read-only.


I've not managed to find how these g*ts did it - but I'm working on it! Any one else that might have some info would be greatly appreciated.

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