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Newbie needing an resulting option for an option

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I am a newbie and have done alot of contributions but no real knowledge of coding myself, i just follow directions very well.

My problem is i have a certain product on my website that is going to have options inside of options and i cant seem to find info or a contribtion that lets me set this up. Hope i am explaining this right, so let me give an example.


One product is a DIY Kit

one of the options in this kit is to be able to select up to 4 different flavors of the customers choice, but these flavors are made by 4 different companies, and some of the companies make the same flavors. Also there are a total of over 40 flavors for each company, so a realy long drop down is jsut not reasonable.


What i am looking for is something like:

Choice 1 | Choice 2 | Choice 3 | Choice 4

0 Manuf 1 0 Manuf 2 | 0 Manuf 1 0 Manuf 2 | 0 Manuf 1 0 Manuf 2 | 0 Manuf 1 0 Manuf 2

0 Manuf 3 0 Manuf 4 | 0 Manuf 3 0 Manuf 4 | 0 Manuf 3 0 Manuf 4 | 0 Manuf 3 0 Manuf 4


(Flavor Dropdown List) | (Flavor Dropdown List) | (Flavor Dropdown List) | (FlavorDropdown List)


I hope that makes some sense, basicaly a radio button for the 4 manufactures, that will populate the Flavor Dropdown list with only those manufactures flavors, and 4 total rows of them for the 4 flavor options the customer gets to choose.


If there is a contribution that has this capabality or if someone can point me in the right direction on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in Advance!!




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WOW nobody has any ideas on this, I figured this would be an easy one someone had designed and I just couldn't find it.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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I could realy use some help with this, I now have my second suppliers product that needs to be added and still no close to a solution for this.

Just to clarify in case I made the first post to confusing.


What I have is a DIY kit that lets the customer select a total of 4 flavors from a list. Now the tricky part is that there are 2 different suppliers and some of there flavors are named the same such as apple.

So what I need is something like a radio button for each supplier and then it populates a drop down with only that manufactures flavors for the customer to choose from. Now keep in mind they get a total of 4 choices of flavors and they can be from either manufacturer.


I am guesing some type of if/else statement with a call to the database each time a radio button is selected for manufacturer, but I am a total newbie with this and have no idea where to start.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated so I dont have to resort to a text box and make the customer type in the manufacturer and flavor for each option.


Thanks In Advance

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