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Form Is Not Showing At Checkout

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Im using V2.2 RC2


Ive searched for 2 days for a reason why when I active authorize.net AIM module why I cant see the form at checkout.


I can see the CC form for testing when I activate it so Im guessing it is coded in.


Ive changed weight from 0 to 1 as some threads suggested.


Ive looked for customer groups as some said, but I cant find it. Guess it was an older version.


But right now I am out of ideas and really dont want to start with a fresh install!


Another idea could be that I bought the template and when I loaded it, it already had products, categories, customers, ect installed. Possible that has something to do with it after I deleted them all?


Any other ideas what it can be? Site is www.teenytot.com



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