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Please select a payment method for your order. -Worldpay Loop

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Hi there i need some urgent help please.


My shop is live and i have just found a problem with the check out procedure.


When i go through checkout, i get to checkout confirmation and i then realise i need to go back into the store to do more shopping. On the second time through the checkout process i get to the payment info page click continue and i am then stuck in a loop with an error message at the top of the screen saying "Please select a payment method for your order." I dont have an option for payment method as I am using worldpay only.


I know this issue only arises only with the worldpay module because if i turn it off and select cash on delivery and cheque it works fine.


If i could fix this then great, but i would be equally happy to chop the code about to stop it happening if thats what is required to fix it.


I would any advice given.


Thanks in advance.



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