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Why a customer needs to log in?

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Hello forum members,


I believe that I have installed and configured Paypal Standard correctly, but there is one thing I don't understand.

I thought a customer doesn't need a paypal acount to pay, but they can use their credit card to pay.


When I try to pay myself, so I click on check-out, the page turns to Paypal. But it is asking to log in.

Is there any thing I can change, so that a customer can either pay with credit cards or they log in and pay with their email address?


Thank you very much

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Set up your preferences in PayPal under your profile> payment options. You can set to accept PayPal and credit cards.





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Thank you Chris,


I've figured out as well.


I'll post it for another dummee like me in the future >_<


At Paypal.com


Go to Profile > Website Payment Preferences > set PayPal Account Optional on


Have a good one everyone

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