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Dear developers,


Is there an option to change the products attributes so it would be easy to add side products

to products cause right now if I want for example to sell a piano

I need to insert 3 different attributes for type of stand and without option

and than I need to repeat that for all the pianos and this is a lot of work.

isn't there a way I could choose all the attributes for one product?

If Im not clear here is an example for why it is annoying:



piano PX320 - name: add stand - value: heavy

piano PX320 - name: add stand - value: light

piano PX320 - name: add stand - value: (it is also annoying that there isn't a difault don't buy value and I have to create one for each attribute name)


now imagine there are three more attribute names like piano chair and sd card etc...

I get to 24 !!! different times I need to choose a product (in this case a piano) and fill it and the list of products with attributes becomes so long



and another annoying thing is that now that I entered these 24 options (8X3)

I need to repeat that manually for 20 other pianos!!

is there any option to give a product the same attributes as a different product that already has them?

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