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Authorize.net breaks for certain session settings

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Found this out today, fortunately before too many orders were missed, and thought I'd post it here.


I changed some of the session settings and ran into a problem with Authorize.net processing. What would happen is that the user would go to the Authorize.net screen, enter the data, then would get logged out and be returned to the store's login page. The order would not be finalized by checkout_process.php, and there would be no record of the order in osCommerce. But the customer would be charged by Authorize.net.


Turned out that, because of the way the Authorize.net SIM payment module works, certain session settings break the order processing


I fixed the problem by changing these session values to false in the osCommerce admin pages:


  • Check SSL Session ID
  • Check IP Address
  • Check User Agent

Not totally sure if "Check User Agent" absolutely has to be false, but it's working now and I don't want to break it again.

Check out Chad's News.

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