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alex weber

Constructive criticism sought

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I would appreciate some comments on an implementation of osCommerce that I am working on.


I should mention few things.


1. The colour scheme is supposed to represent the blue/yellow colours of the European Union. Not sure if I captured it very well.


2. The pics I have are all there is to have and as more/better ones are made available, they will be upgraded.


3. The shop operates as a central order desk only. Shipping and payment issues are handled by a local agent. You can therefore place an order without having to make any payment - so please feel free to make some test purchases.


Other than that I am looking for input to help improve what I have.


TIA all.



Main site/theme : euro-tennis.net/en/ (for ref)

Shop : euro-tennis.net/shop/ (click on cart to enter)

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Both links return 404 Not Found, and the main site shows what appears to be a host's default page. I would say you're not ready to get comments.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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