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How can I reduce credit card fraud through worldpay?

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I work for a business that sells small high value electronics online with credt card payment that is often the target of credit card fraud.


We use worldpay for processing payments and this gives us security checks such as cvv, AVS and a few others. For suspicous transactions we also call the telephone number giving in the billing details and ask for photos of ID and credit card.


All this helps but we still have too many chargebacks from credit cheats. Part of the problem is we have manty genuine customers who want their order shipped to an address different from the billing address and many orders in countries where AVS is not used.


There are problems with these methods such as

-telephone number in billing details may not be the real number so a phone call would not work

-name in billing address may not be real so photos of ID and credit card may not work


Spent a lot of time talking to worldpay fraud team but the only result of all this was 3D secure/verification which is not good because it puts genuine customers off.


I've search this forum and read a few threads that had some very good ideas but I'm still after suggestions and advice on what can be done to deal with the problems of our current security checks and reduce fraud with out losing genuine customres.


I would really appreciate hearing how the more experienced members mimizie fraud and any advice they have to offer.

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