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Is there a download contrib for download options

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Before every download contrib gets thrown at me real quick let me clarify exactly what I am looking for. Here is what I need my site to do. OsC already has the option for me to add product attributes such as which color of something a customer wants and each choice may or may not change the price. I need something nearly the same for my download products. I sell graphics. I just sell the graphics for x amount of dollars but I want to have a attribute options and choose to include the .PSD file (Photoshop build file). Now right now it looks like my product can only be connected to 1 download file. I want my product to be connected to the graphics only download but if they select to include the .PSD file for an additional 5 dollars then I want them to be able to download a new file with the PSD included based on their choice.


Is there anything out like this?

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