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It took longer that I thought it would, but my oscommerce site is now live. Feedback is appreciated since there are bound to be things that have become part of the scenery that need to be fixed.




I haven't notice any design apart of logo.

Please read this line: Do you want to find all the answers to your questions? click here. As for contribution database it's located here!

8 people out of 10 don't bother to read installation manuals. I can recommend: if you can't read the installation manual, don't bother to install any contribution yourself.

Before installing contribution or editing/updating/deleting any files, do the full backup, it will save to you & everyone here on the forum time to fix your issues.

Any issues with oscommerce, I am here to help you.

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So you found the part I didn't do myself:) So far all of the work has been getting rid of the features that don't make sense and adding the features I needed to make the store work.

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Come on Chris...


You're not serious about having your site ready for feedback are you? blink.gif



Stock design and layout; needs some personal touches.

Thumbnail image file sizes (264,718 bytes) way too big, causing slow load times.

No company mailing address listed on the site (Contact Us page).

Need to add SEO and SSL.

I would lose the Credits page.

Two menu's??? Dropdown box and regular categories???

Breadcrumb trail has both Top & Catalog which both point to the same page (index.php). Search forum and lose one.






- :: Jim :: -

- My Toolbox ~ Adobe Web Bundle, XAMPP & WinMerge | Install ~ osC v2.3.3.4 -

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It looks like you have only just started, you have a lot of work ahead of you the points Jim makes plus im not sure about personal touches....you need to totally redesign the site to fit in with what you are selling.

You are learning though and im sure you will get there






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