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Product Listings as sortable chart?

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Hi there,


What I want to do with my cart is have all the products listed in a chart so basic information can be compared before looking at each product individually.

I believe this would have to be done through the product_listings.php file but I have just started to learn php and am really unsure the best method to attack this.


I also just installed the Product Extra Fields contribution and would like to directly link some of my new "extra fields" into the product listings.



I saw someone else looking for the same thing and used this web page as an example. The same goes for me as well.


I originally thought this would already happen with the product extra fields contribution but alas it did not.


I have spent hours looking through the forums and the web for help on this but I can't come up with anything.


If anyone can please help me with this endeavor I would be forever grateful.


Thanks so much,


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