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Problem with postcode based shippiong module

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I have a module that for some reason has stopped working and im unable to determine why


The code grabs the shipping postcode and then grabs data from a database to populate some variables used in the shipping calulation


for some reason this no longer works


$topcode = $order->delivery['postcode'];

if ( $topcode == '' ){
// Something is wrong, we didn't find any zone
       return $this->quotes;

$qResult = tep_db_query("select * from postship_zones where '$topcode' >= s_postcode and '$topcode.' <= s_postcode") ; 
$rec = tep_db_fetch_array($qResult); 

   if ($rec['s_delivery'] = '0') {
$days = 'same';
   if ($rec['s_delivery'] = '1') {
$days = 'next';
} else {
$days = $rec['s_delivery'];

       $dest_zone = $rec['s_zone'];
       $zones_base = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_' . $dest_zone . '_BASE');
       $zones_rate = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_' . $dest_zone . '_RATE');
       $zones_handling = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_' . $dest_zone . '_HANDLING');
       $zones_fuel = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_' . $dest_zone . '_FUEL');
$zones_fuel_levy = $zones_fuel+1;


I i run this sql statement in phpmyadmin it returns the correct data.


If i try and echo these variables in the checkout_shipping.php to debug, they dont work.


Having said that as an experiment I moved this code to near the top of checkout_shipping.php and ran it and my echo statement returned all the variables.


does anyone have any idea whats not right here?

Edited by alba

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