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multi vendors need to add a new ups shipping module

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I have a site with multi vendors. Currently UPS shipping method is used for all vendors. We have added a new vendor and he requests UPS but the shipping calculation will be different from the other vendors. I am thinking to duplicate the /includes/module/vendor_shipping/ups.php to ups2.php and change the class name from ups to ups2 in the code. Copy the includes/languages/english/modules/vendor_shipping/ups.php to ups2.php also. I am wondering what else do I need to modify or look into when I am trying to do this project. Step 1. I just need to be able to install the 2nd ups module in the admin/vendor managment.


Thanks for any help or hint in advance.

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Please read the MVS documentation. If you still have questions, post them in the MVS support thread.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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