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Paypal Problems

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My sites running reasonably smoothly, just a long term hiccup with paypal!


When people pay via paypal, they sometimes shut the paypal site as soon as they think they have made the payment, hence i get their money and NOT their order details.


Now i've tried a few ways around this, including sending them an email to re-do the order choosing a pre-paid option (as i've already got their money), but would you believe how many other people choose this option and think i'm going to send an order when they haven't paid!


So.... i think the best way would be to beable to edit the page on paypal itself. When it comes up with 'processing your payment'. I want to beable to write something like...


Do not shut this site down, ENSURE you are redirected back to our website ELSE we will NOT beable to process your order. Ideally in bold red letters! This i feel would eliminate the problem!


But.... I can't find a way of editing the pages on paypal and the stupid electronic help thing keeps saying she doesn't understand my question... hopefully someone here will, and ideally provide the answer.


Thank you



Running a botched up version of  osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 bootstrap with the dresscode theme installed, numerous add-ons, terrible coding, terrible website, but will have to make do until I have made up for my losses and can risk shutting down for a couple of weeks while I start all over again. - I did not install my program but am endeavouring to fix it with your help.

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