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New enhanced Atrribute display

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Hello, we had the problem in our shop, that the way osc handles attributes is not really professional.

The problem is, that attributes don't have their own model number, picture, description... and that attributes are hard to display

in product export files e.g. for Google Base.


So, here's the idea: Instead of dealing with attributes we want to create a "container" which is a thing between a category and a product.

The container contains of several products, when you open a container, a product info page is displayed with a general product description, a "from" price and a general picture. Beneath the different products are listed, all with a unique model number, picture, price and so on.


An example:

First you create seperately normal products "stainless steel pan red", stainless steel pan black" all with separate price, model, picture.

Now you create a container called "stainless steel pans" and put the two products in it. The container is now displayed in the shop as a normal product (not a cetagory!) with a price "from 15 Euro". When a user clicks on that product, the page that opens would contain both pans red and black as separate products.

The advantage would be, that real products are still products and not options and that a category is not full of products, that only differ in size, colour etc.


What do you think of that enhancement?

Is there already a contribution to start with?

Has someone an idea how to develop that?


Thanks for any thoughts about that!


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I am looking for exactly the same. Although different images are not important for me, at least the connection between attributes and model number is important for me.

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