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adding manufacturer info to product description

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Hi folks, I have searched for this but not had much luck.


I have edited my "manufacturer" headers to be "materials" as I work in silks, linens, wools and cottons. I'd like customers to be able to search under any of those. That seems to work fine.


however under the product description, the "manufacturer" doesn't show. I don't want a link to a site, nor do I need a picture, but I'd like the "manufacturer" name to appear on the product description (not the product listing) without me typing it in as text.


I'm afraid I'm a php newbie, and although I can happily modify obvious things, this one is escaping me.


My site is.... www. ariadne the weaver .org


Obviously without the spaces.



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I've worked around it by putting the material in "Model" as well, which displays it, but would rather not have to bodge it this way, so if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

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