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Well I have been working on this website from NOV,09...and this is the result...http://www.saadstore.com. I haven't worked on the design part, for which I have joined this forum...I don't know programming but I can understand the basics. I am open to all kind of criticisms...Please feel free to provide your valuable thoughts on my website...

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1. The black that you have used for your boxes etc is a bit strong. Possibly tone down the color.


2. You only have one currency so the currency box serves no purpose. Remove it.


3. You are using the stock buttons. There is a easy button generator here www.oscbuttons.com.


4. Links to search engines, web portals and web directories are pointless and add nothing to your site.


5. Your product pages sell google ads and not your products.


6. The photos on your product pages are very small.


7. The sub menus on your categories box are incomplete.


8. Your home page sells google ads. It does not sell your store.


I hope this helps a bit.

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