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changing manufacturer heading

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I really like the way that the manufacturer system works, and I want to amend it for my own use. I make all the items myself, so I don't really need "manufacturer" as a category..


However as I make many types of products in a small range of materials, I would like to be able to change "Manufacturer" for "Material" where shown. The database itself doesn't have to change, just the text description shown on the website.


I'm afraid my php skills are pretty much non-existent, however I'm great at searching for text strings, replacing them etc and use Notepad++


I've searched for where "manufacturer" appears in the various files included, and have come to the conclusion (perhaps incorrectly) that the headers for the boxes (I'm talking about the main "manufacturer" box on the default page, default shop setup) are hidden in a function somewhere, and that I'm just failing to spot them.


Can anyone help? I hope that despite the waffle I have said what is needed clearly enough.

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Sorry, found it completely by accident when looking up something else. Was in the /includes/boxes/manufacturer.php and I found the right bit to change.


Now to find all the other places the title appears :)


This is fun hehe

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