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Paypal Pro Order status sticks at pending

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I may be missing the obvious - I usually do :) but I have been looking at this for a while now and just cant nail the problem down.


I just installed Website payments pro for paypal and it all went REALLY well - very pleased with that! I placed a test order and it went through to my paypal account perfectly (using live not sandbox)However the status in oscommerce is stuck at pending when I would have expected it to go to delivered. Everything in my shop is an instant download PDF and its been working without issue for about 1.5 years now using paypal standard.


I also dont get a notice on the order history that it processed anything, it just says pending with a check in customer notified. I know I can manually change this but I would need to go to paypals website to verify every transaction manually. I have a feeling I have just missed something along the way here.


Any help greatly appreciated!




p.s. OSC 2.2 RC2a

Chris Gutzmer

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