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Unique cPath problem

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Okay I use several addons but still maybe someone knows how to help me with this... First I want to say Manufacturers work perfectly fine, but categories are giving me a hard time... but here's the thing... They are working completely fine for the meta tags addon AND the Ultimate SEO URL's addon (Meaning the Title changes to the category and the actual address changes to the category name with the correct category number (cPath) but for some reason it wont actually go to the page with the items that are in the categories anymore... and it DID at one point so Im stumped I've been going through code for awhile now and I just thought Id ask if anyone else had this problem and how they solved it. Thank you To rephrase this problem when I click on a manufacturer name it goes to a list of the products that manufacturer has but when I click on a category name it goes to the generic index.php file... And the cPath must be loading correctly because two other contributions are using the information and they are working fine

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Well I still havent heard from anyone about this so I decided to show the site and see if that helps anyone to understand whats going on it is www.killthesebugs.com/store you'll see the manufacturers work correctly but categories do not. I hope someone can help...

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Turn off your URL rewriter (Ultimate SEO URLs or whatever you use) and check again. If it now works, that was the problem.


If you're hosted with Godaddy, they have turned off .htaccess on their servers, so rewrite rules won't work anymore. Find a new host, or leave your URL rewriter turned off.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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