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How much effort would it take to strip the full osCommerce program down to behave like a photo album which could be run with the normal store but as an extra page.

Each photo would be like a product without any option to buy.

When you upload each picture it would be like filling in a product attributes except they have a title, a photographer, maybe model and a description.

They would go under different categories like products do except that the whole thing is separate to the shop.

The reviews bit would be retitled to be comments.

Ideally it would have ultimate pics or similar to thumbnail and maybe have multiple pictures under one section.

I would love to be able to try this out but my knowledge of the detailed workings of the data bases and such is below basic. You can call me cheeky but I just have an idea and a hope someone would pick it up and make it their own.

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Why on earth would you like to do that?


Try programs like Coppermine, which do exactly what you are describing, without any modifying.

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