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I installed a bubble template successfully


Two issues though:

1. However, my problem comes when I add another column (3rd) on the New Product module from admin. As both the left and right columns of the infoboxes shift outward accordingly, both the header, (with my logo) and the footer do not follow suit, they remain in their original positions and out of line. How do I make them move outward as I add the 3rd column of products?


2. I appreciate that you might not be familiar with the bubble template, but under general, do you have any suggestion as to which method I could use to add more information pages which could be easy for any add-on/template? I've tried eg using the catalog/shipping.php route and did the necessary changes in corresponding files, the new page appears in the information box but somehow, the link is broken, I can't get the page opened/linked up? I understand this could be a long short but had to try anyway


Thanks in advance





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