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How to setup shipping charges

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Ive installed the Shipping fee per zone addon in osc V2.2 RC2, but now I need some help to define fees for each zone.

This store is for spain, wish is divided in zones. I've defined three zones for shipping purposes, and so I've created 3 folders in the Tax zones panel.

My question is;

How can I let know to the shipping addon the rates for this three different zones.?

Wish zone codes should I use?


Here's some screenshots of both the shipping addon (Tarifa por zona) and the tax zones (zonas fiscales) panel .


Here you can see the 3 folders for the different zones.





And here you have the shipping addon screen. Normally only 1 zone appears on the right side panel where you define the rates, so, I did change the value in catalog/includes/modules/shipping/zones.php to 3.


(the "ESP" on the countries zones value was just for reference)



I will be greatfull if somebody could light me on here.



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