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Admin Level Account 2.3.4

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Hi to all who can hopefuly help


I have installed the module Admin Level Account with categories 2.3.4


The login admin screen appears fine but when the username & password is entered the following error occurs.


Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_validate_password() in /content/BusinessHostPlus/m/a/mydomain.com/web/admin/login_admin.php on line 31


This module is setup on a default username & password




If I put the password in wrong it says wrong password entered but if I put the correct

password in the above error occurs.


I have done a search on this error but not a great deal to work from.

Some people are talking about the file configure.php but there is nothing in the module telling you to ammend this file.


Hope someone out there knows of this problem & can sort it out


Any help would be great




Adam :)

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