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Only customers from one domain allowed

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Hi all,


I need to setup a fairly standard store but with following "special" features: No shopping cart or checkout, it's basically a catalog for locating product codes for use by one of my dealers. But I need to allow people from taht company to register and login, only if their email is from a single certain domain. I.e. I want to have only customers with email like user1@good_domain.com or user2@good_domain.dom be able to register, and anyuser@anyotherdomain.com to get rejected. The purpòse is to install a "only registered user can see prices" only contrib. Therefore only people from taht company can see prices. obviously it should be done with some kind of email sent to the customer to validate.


Do you know of some contrib(s) that can allow me to automatically do that? I only need the domain fuilter part, the other features I have already located. I could set it up to manually validate requets, but I'm talking of perhaps a couple hundred people.


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A small piece of jQuery would accomplish this to show the visitor that only 1 email domain can be used to create an account. javascript is client side so is not difficult to get around, so also set $error=true in create_account using the $_post'd email address.


Make sense?

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Thank you for your answer. Though i'm not a programmer I can understand what you mean. Yes, it makes sense :) Will try to do that.

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