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Confirmation Page Blank UPS

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I am brand new to OsCommerce but I am getting the hang of things quickly. I already have a store online loaded with products and I just started last night.


Now we need shipping...so today I installed the USPS and UPS shipping methods.


Two problems.


1.) USPS does not work at all. I registered with USPS, added information to module but I am always getting the error that an error occured trying to contact USPS. If the problem persists contact admin. Well, I am the admin and have no clue why it isn't working. :)


2.) I also installed the UPS shipping method via this method. The module was easy to install and instantly returned pricing for shipping, however, I use the paypal express payment option which also works fine but after installing the UPS shipping method I am experiencing one problem. While testing, I added an item to my cart, chose the UPS shipping method and clicked check out with paypal. I went to the paypal site, no problem, but when I confirmed the info and paypal returned me to my shopping site, all I got was a blank page. Before UPS, I received a valid confirmation page.


I would also like to take a second and say WOW, what a great OS script. Major Kudo's to the team of developers who created this amazing product. Thank you a million times over!


Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


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Just a quick note...


The blank page is returned when the USPS and/or UPS shipping methods are installed. Even if they are not enabled. :(


I sent USPS an email to see if they know what's going on and I'm hoping someone can help me with the UPS method. I'd install the upsxml.php but for some reason, I cannot find documentation to install it. If someone can help me with that, I'd be happy to go that way. Besides, it's probably better to do so considering UPS does not support the currently installed method reference above.


Thanks again!

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Hello? Anybody out there?


I think at this point I have gone over this entire forum looking for an answer to the above and I can't seem to get a resolution.


If nobody wants to help me with the old version, I understand....but it would be really nice if someone could at least inform me how to install the new upsxml module.


Thanks again.

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I know it's been a while, but do you think you could post what you did to fix this issue? I have installed a newer USPS module and I'm having the exact same issue. :(


Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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