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Fast Easy Checkout & register_globals off

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Does anyone know if the fast easy checkout contrib requires register_globals to be on? I'm testing our site to migrate to PHP5/MySQL 5 and running into an issue. When I try to submit the transaction to go to the checkout_confirmation page, I get kicked right back to the checkout_shipping page with the TEXT_CCVAL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CARD being triggered. This happens with any card number I try, including the provided test numbers. I'm using Authorize.net AIM method along with the fast easy checkout contrib. And, from what I can tell, the only differences are the upgraded PHP/MySQL versions and the register_globals being turned off.


If this is an issue with fast easy checkout and the register_globals, anyone know of a fix? The contrib page doesn't mention anything specifically about register_globals.


Thanks in advance!!!

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I don't know this particular contrib (add-on), but you could certainly do something about it, if the author won't respond to your question. You could temporarily re-enable register global variables, if your host will let you. If it functions properly then, you know that's the problem. Even if you can't try that, you can look through the contrib's code and see if there are any variables that just seem to be expected to appear "out of nowhere". You need to find all such variables (anything not explicitly initialized before being used, is suspect) and ahead of their first use, define them:

$varname = $_REQUEST['varname'];

That should fix it.


There are other PHP 5.x problems that you might hit. If this contrib doesn't use the "compatibility layer" to define "long array names" (e.g., $HTTP_POST_VARS), code might break. If you run at PHP 5.3+, you'll get lots of warnings about "deprecated functions". And finally, if you're going from MySQL 4 to 5 at the same time, you need to fix the LEFT JOIN problem.

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