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Error 1054 with "Quick Group Discount Module For SPPC"

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First, excuse my English. I'm spanish and I speak english very bad.


I have installed the contribution "Quick Group Discount Module For SPPC" and everything works correctly in Admin until I accept on click "Update". Then the following mistake appears:


1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_price1' in 'field list'


insert into products_groups select '1' as customers_group_id, ( -0.4 * p.products_price) as customers_group_price, p.products_id,p.products_price1,p.products_price2,p.products_price3,p.products_price4,p.products_price5,p.products_price6,p.products_price7,p.products_price8,p.products_price1_qty,p.products_price2_qty,p.products_price3_qty,p.products_price4_qty,p.products_price5_qty,p.products_price6_qty,p.products_price7_qty,p.products_price8_qty,p.products_qty_blocks from products p ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE customers_group_price=values(customers_group_price)




Can someone help me? Thanks so much, and excuse for speaking English so badly

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Are you using the right version of "customer_group_discounts.php"?


I made the mistake of using the one in the folder "SPPC Using Quantity Discount Contribution." This resulted in the 1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_price1' in 'field list'. It made sense to me that I wanted to USE the Quantity Discount Contribution, so I went for the "SPPC Using Quantity Discount Contribution" version.


However, if you started from scratch use "SPPC Without Quantity Discount Contribution." I just finished installing SPPC and then added this with no problem.


Honestly, I don't know why there are two of them.

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