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dazed and confused

Languages and Zones

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Hello I am a extreme newbie at all this and right now I am very confused. I am wanted to change the zone but it won't allow me. Here is what I have done - I have changed the country to Australia and right now I want to change the zone what do I do???? I really need the help of all you wonderful experts out there.. :)

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There are no zones for Australia in the original Oscommerce database so they need to be added.





In phpmyadmin run this query to add zones to the zone file


INSERT INTO `zones` (`zone_country_id`, `zone_code`, `zone_name`) VALUES
(13, 'ACT', 'Australian Capital Territory'),
(13, 'NSW', 'New South Wales'),
(13, 'NT', 'Northern Territory'),
(13, 'QLD', 'Queensland'),
(13, 'SA', 'South Australia'),
(13, 'TAS', 'Tasmania'),
(13, 'VIC', 'Victoria'),
(13, 'WA', 'Western Australia');


If these are not correct in spelling make whatever changes are needed keeping the same format. You can also add others before running your query if needed. Your countries_id is '13' so keep that consistent as it will not show in your zone drop down if it is anything different.


Good luck

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