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Totally Lost

Easy Populate & Attributes - products model error experienced, line not imported

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Hello, keep getting this error and i haven't amended my txt file which has historically always worked, please advise, im using Easy Populate 2.76-MS2 - Default Language : English(1), any ideas?


My file:




245;silk_blue2.jpg;Silk Sea Blue Cloth;


<p align="justify"><img src="images/silk_blue3.jpg" align="left"></p>
<p>Description to come </p>
<p align="justify"></p>
<p align="center">





My error:


File uploaded.

Temporary filename: /tmp/phphX0XOn

User filename: silk products.txt

Size: 557

| 245 | silk_blue2 | Silk Sea B | Ma | www.whatev | 199.99 | 32 | 1 | | Silk Cloth | Active


No products_model field in record. This line was not imported


| | | | | | | | | | |


No products_model field in record. This line was not imported

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